You like Poykpac sketch comedy videos?


(There are so many other videos, but i had to pick ones that feature my face .)

Movie Title Breakup

Featured on the "Today" show-

Al Roker said this shit was "brilliant."

Candy Home Shopping Channel

We won SyFy's "Viral Video Showdown" with this. We had to revamp a fairy tale.

 LadyTime- It's Your Lady Time

 Part 1 of a hard hitting women's issues series    for OfficialComedy hosted by Regina Koontz.  

Craiglist Dating 

This one would make my dad so uncomfortable. Let's never show him.

Discount Drug Warehouse

A pharmeceutical rep with an addiction opens a Costco like facility. watch till the end.

Sex Ed for Tweens 

Episode 2 of a 3 part series for your blossoming manboy or womangirl.