Born Yesterday- "Her floozy-ish past reveals itself in every word and gesture, yet something about her remains pure and incorruptible. Besides, she's a looker. With her China-doll face, bright bow lips and blond curls piled atop her head, Lyon looks a lot like Holiday, while her hip wags and head tosses are pure Marilyn. Who could resist? Every performance contains the same fine detail but its Lyon as Billie who really sells this show. After the senator has been tongue-lashed by Harry, she says to the bruised politician: " The way it looks to me, if he pushes you around, it's like he's pushing a few million people around." You smile as you think: Out of the mouths of babes.And hotcha-hotcha, what a babe."

- LA Times


" Lyon, in the role that won Judy Holiday the Oscar, ultimately carries the play. In addition to the right knowing voluptuousness, she invests Billie with the proper innocence and lack of pretension. As Billie starts gaining confidence in herself, Lyon demonstrates how airheadedness and ignorance are not the same thing as stupidity. She also smartly never allows the earnestness of the play to take prominence over the humor of her poor vocabulary."

- Variety


 The Women- " Jennifer Lyon in a total about face from her dumb but adorable Billie Dawn makes her Crystal Allen a believable ice cold, ladder climbing gold digger."

- Talking Broadway


 Trip to Bountiful-    " Lyon once again proves herself a consummate acting chameleon, morphing into Bountiful's selfish,  bitchy Jessie Mae, a role that Lyon invests with so much humor and humanity that she becomes the harpy we love to hate."

- Stage Scene LA


"Never slipping into easy sentimentality or regional stereotypes, Jennifer Lyon is comically heart-breaking as the petty Jessie  Mae."

- LA Times


 His Girl Friday- " Jenn Lyon as Hildy, perfectly turned out in a cool blue and cream suit and hat, looks as implausible and refreshing as an exotic desert in her grim surroundings. Her performance crackles with all the charisma of the 1930s  screen stars she channels."

-LA Times


"Lyon has the go getter determination of the movie's lead Rosalind Russell but finds her own pluckiness as she types up her next big story for Burns with the speed of a bullet train. Lyon is spot on in every situation."

- UT San Diego


The Wayside Motor Inn- (Drama Desk Award Winner) "Ms. Lyon provides tasty comic relief as Sharon, an ex-hippie who's subversive instincts are now aimed at undermining the small-fry hotels she she hops among-all of which, like must of the rest of the world, she believes ae owned by big, bad corporations."

-NY Times


"Jenn Lyon is irresistible as the waitress who delivers funny but remarkably prescient social observations."



"Jenn Lyon hits a sweet spot of kooky and tough as a blunt former hippie. "

-NY Post


Twelfth Night-"Not surprisingly, the best performances come in the most comedic roles. Jennifer Lyon as Maria brings a gleeful energy to her shared bawdiness."

- NY Times


 Noises Off-(OC Weekly actress of the Year) " An impossibly talented cast and most surprisingly, Jennifer Lyon's remarkable turn as the play's blonde bimbo, Brooke Ashton. This character is usually portrayed as deer in the headlights stupid, but Lyon's repertoire of postures and poses gives the impression that, instead of the weakest intellectual link, she might be the brightest light on an admittedly dim stage."

- OC Weekly


Crimes of the Heart- "As the self centered Meg, whose movie star beauty made leaving small town Mississippi inevitable, Lyon adds yet another fine performance to her SCR credits. After giving the true touch of hilarity to SCR's Noises Off last year, she correctly creates a character that has never had to earn other's affection. Lyon makes Meg's changes especially subtle and believable."

- Theatre Times


Justified-" If we can work out a deal with Jenn Lyon, who just did such a great job, I think thats something that would be interesting. They are fun together and she's great. And listen, ofcourse Raylan is attracted to a woman who can hold a shotgun."

- Graham Yost, Justified creator, A.V. Club


"I mean, you know, Jenn Lyon, who plays the bartender, is just fantastic."

- Timothy Olyphant, Entertainment Weekly


"Why do you have to be naked AND say cuss words on the tv? Don't you know how that makes your dad feel?"

- Lydia Lyon


Poykpac"Transcends it's sketch comedy origins and gains a kind of rough, epic grandeur."

- New York Magazine


"Going viral. Everyone wants to do it, but few people deserve to. I’m not saying that there’s not a lot of funny stuff floating around the Internet, because there is. But busting through that elusive barrier that separates the very funny metropolitan-centric cringe humor video sure to get 10,000 views and the “Why didn’t I think of that?” universally relatable, instantly understandable, blow up your Facebook feed video that’s sure to get in the hundreds of thousands or millions? That’s like catching lightning in a bottle. Sketch group POYKPAC Comedy has done it with one of the most brilliantly obvious concepts."